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Youth Fund Board

youth fund board

Overall Scope

The Global Youth Climate Action Fund Board is responsible for providing strategic direction and operationalization of finance mobilized for youth action in climate change at grassroots level on a global scale.

Main Purpose

The main purpose of the Fund Board is:

Mobilization of finances: The fund board is required to raise funds towards achieving the fund target throughout the lifespan of the fund.

Disbursement of finances: The fund board is responsible for the allocation of funds to beneficiaries and investees and shall oversee how funds are allocated through the life cycle of the fund.

Board Structure

  • Two Program Managers (Grant-phase of the fund)
  • Regional Board Members (3 Active and 1 Alternative Board Member)
  • Two Steering Committee Members (UN Youth Representative, YOUNGO Finance and Markets Representative)
  • Three Advisory Board Members (including 1 Academia, 1 Finance Consultant, 1 Donor Representative)
  • GYCAF country ambassadors

Youth Fund Committee

We strongly believe in involving young people in the decision-making process, and it is for this reason, that a Youth Fund Committee has been set in place to actively participate in the grant selection process for the year 2022. The YFC is set up to have one active committee member and one alternate committee member for; North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Indigenous Youth.

Approved members to the Youth Fund Board will be announced on a rolling basis.

Active Committee Members

Luna Abadia active member
Luna Abadia

USA (North America)

Luna Abadía is a trilingual, globally-minded youth leader. She is passionate about climate action and seeks to use her language skills, international experience, and focus on diversity and equity to make tangible change on this critical issue.
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Foto - Natalia Tsuyama Cócolo active member
Natalia Tsuyama Cócolo

Brazil (South America)

Natalia is a co-founder of Sustentabilize-se, Specialist in Public Policy and serves as a licensed organizer of TEDxSavassi. She is an activist in the fight against global climate change and defends a model of sustainable 
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Marinel Ubaldo

Philippines (Asia)

MARINEL UBALDO is an advocate for climate justice and the environment. She is a Registered Social Worker and one of the Founders of the Youth Leaders for Environmental Action Federation, a youth-led organization based 
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MaryJane Enchill
MaryJane Enchill

Ghana (Africa)

Mary Jane Enchill is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Head of Communications at HATOF Foundation, Communications Specialist for Ghana’s National Adaptation Plan Project, Assistant Country Coordinator at Climate Action Network-Ghana, and a Freelance Journalist. 
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Ando Summer Research Photo cropped
Ando Rabearisora

Madagascar (Africa)

She is a second year Ph.D Student on Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) and a Ph.D Designated Emphasis on Coastal Science and Policy at the same university (UCSC). She is a passionate practitioner..
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Jin Tanaka
Jin Tanaka

Japan (Asia)

As a member of YOUNGO, Jin participates in the activities of NDC and LCOY, and as Branch Manager of UNISC International, a youth-led non-governmental organization with special consultative status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council  
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Benjamin Santhouse-James
Benjamin Santhouse-James

United Kingdom (Europe)

Ben is an MSc Energy Systems student at the University of Oxford. He previously studied Earth Science (Geophysics) at Imperial College London, where he graduated with the Governors' BSc Prize. His research focuses on 
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Skylar Kylstra
Skylar Kylstra

Canada (North America)

Skylar has been involved with the climate movement for many years, both as an activist and within her career. She currently works at Ostrom Climate Solutions on the International Land Use team. She works on the design and implementation of multi-stakeholder
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Xiomy foto alternate
Xiomara Acevedo

Colombia (South America)

Xiomara Acevedo, Internationalist and Climate Change activist, consultant and social entrepreneur from Colombia. She is the founder and director of Barranquilla+20 a youth-led & focused NGO whose mission is to educate and empower children and youth
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