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Financing Youth-led Climate Action

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Through the Global Youth Climate Action Fund

We acknowledge that access to finance for young people is a challenge. Access to financing is even harder from established entities that require documentation youth organizations starting out may not have. That is why we are working to reimagine and define global climate finance in the inter-generational context. The Global Youth Climate Action Fund seeks to streamline access to finance for youth.


We believe that young people are the drivers to sustainable development and green economies. Most of the population in developing countries are young people therefore they have a larger stake in climate change. Climate Change will affect the lives of young people in this and the next decade. Which is why we are committing resources to enable young people bring their actions to life.

Climate Action 

For the world to move towards reduced emissions, we need the contribution of everyone from every sector, playing their part. Young people play a pivotal role championing climate action. From advocating for policies internationally to creating opportunities at the grassroots level. Supporting initiatives and ventures that create climate opportunities is key towards lowering emissions.

Youth led climate action

What Is Youth-Led Climate Action?

Youth-led climate action is any initiative, activity, project, or program that is being coordinated or led by a young individual, a youth organization, community-based organization, or business venture that is geared towards climate adaptation, mitigation as a primary focus of the organization or entity (where the purpose of founding this organization was to solemnly combat climate change) or as a secondary focus (where the purpose of founding this organization was to commit to reducing their carbon footprint).

We are committed to support

Youth-led Climate Action


Capacity Building

Finance Literacy

The GYCAF Application Process

We offer a wide range of climate financing solutions for young people to enable them to take effective action on climate change. Young people across the globe go through simple application process to communicate to us their climate finance needs. A youth fund board comprising qualified regional board members help guide and realign the needs to those of the respective regions and forward the applications for funding approval.

Climate Finance

Who We Work With

Youth Groups
We work with youth groups around the world already raising voices of young climate activists.
We depend on grants provided by foundations keen to back climate action initiatives.
Youth Platforms
We collaborate with youth platforms championing young people's action on ground
We raise funds from financiers through appealing to their corporate social responsibility

Youth In Climate Action

Coming Soon. Youth Climate Stories campaign.
Youth Climate Stories

We amplify voices of young people building momentum in their community to take climate action through our available platforms.

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Global youth climate action
Youth Climate Webinars

Our climate webinars provide free climate resources for youth, and a current information from key experts in the climate space.

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Youth Climate Projects

Through our micro-grants we support youth-led small scale projects that drive impact and promote green growth. 



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