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GYCAF Grant Guidelines

Fund Background and Objectives

Fund Vision: GYCAF envisions a world where young people are given the resources to pursue green entrepreneurship and create a green economy with the goal of lowering carbon emissions and conserving the environment.
Fund Mission: To finance youth-led climate action in communities vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

Paris Agreement and Agenda 2030

  • Financial goal to mobilize USD 100 billion and global temperatures to well below 2 degrees Celsius by 2025
  • IPCC report indicating an uncertain future in the next decade
  • Need to create a means of implementation that creates an enabling environment for youth
Target Beneficiaries: The fund targets youth-led organizations and networks seeking funding for their projects and businesses.

Microgrants Funding Focus

Sustainable Agriculture: smart agriculture to ensure food sustainability.

Clean Energy: powering communities in need of light and energy. 

Oceans: protecting marine life and mitigating climate catastrophes.

Capacity Building: empowering youth with entrepreneurship skills. 

Green Stewardship: protecting biodiversity and influencing behavioral change.

Technology and Innovation: breakthroughs that solve climate-related problems.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Youth-led organization (80 percent majority-owned; the definition of youth adopted is under 30 years of age)
  • Strong motivation on creating change or an impact in the community through grassroots activism
  • Conducting grassroots activism in their community
  • Seeking grants to kick-start or support already existing initiatives
  • Clear environment and socio-economic impacts of the project/initiative
  • A clear idea of how to use the funds and why this grant will be useful to create more value and impact for the project
  • Demonstrates well-planned project, with well-developed strategy, timeline, budgeting, and team management

Selection Criteria

  1. Goal Alignment

  • Goal aligns with GYCAF vision of realizing youth projects in sustainability

  1. Functionality and Relevance

  • Understand the audience and relevance of the project to the intended audience

  • Determine how the project addresses a problem that is not currently or sufficiently being addressed

  1. Financial Planning

  • Great financial awareness with a clear idea of the project finances to be sustainable (including a clear budget/needs table)

  • A clear understanding of how the team plans to meet the financial needs of the project

  • Understanding long-term financial implications of the project (if relevant) 

  1. Team

  • Individuals who are motivated and committed to the project

  • Demonstrates cohesion and excellent group dynamics with a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities

  1. Implementability

  • Demonstrates clear impact with a focus on the community 

  • Have a clear timeline for implementation of the project

  • Understand the key barriers to the successful deployment of the project and how the team plans on overcoming them

Selection Team

The GYCAF selection team will be made up of a diverse cohort of experienced youth leaders from around the world. Each committee member brings to the table different regional expertise, experience, and perspective, which will help the fund make the most impact and select projects that will make a meaningful difference. 

We strongly believe in involving young people in the decision-making process, and it is for this reason, that a Youth Fund Committee has been set in place to actively participate in the grant selection process for the year 2022. For the year 2023/2024, we are in the process of confirming the Youth Fund Committee

The selection committee is made up of representatives from the five regions: North America, South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Each region has committee members and alternate committee members that will serve similar functions within their respective roles.

Responsibilities and Timeline

Each team is requested to submit their applications by February 11th, 2022. The application can be found here.
You may be requested to submit additional documentation if the selection committee sees fit. Failure to submit additional information may result in your project receiving less/no funding, so please make sure you regularly check your communication channels to ensure no requests are missed.
The GYCAF team will review submissions and announce the results by late September 2023. Teams that will receive funding shall be personally notified of the outcome.
If your application is successful, you will need to fill out another form that details how you would like to receive the grant. You will have 7 working days to fill out the form from the day you receive it. Failure to submit the form will disqualify your project from receiving the funds.
If there are more funds to be distributed, applications will be considered on a rolling basis until the funds run out.
After nine months, successful applicants are required to submit additional documentation that details the use of the funds and the impact or progress of the project. This information will be used for performance review of the fund by the GYCAF team. No personal information will be shared without prior consent from the applicant.

Grant Size

Successful applicants will be awarded grants between USD 500 - USD 1,000, depending on the grantee application.
If you have any questions, please reach out to
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