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Sustainable Fish Farming
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Sustainable Fish Farming

Name of Organization:

Zimbabwe Youth For Impaired Persons Trust (ZYIPT)





Project Category:

Sustainable Agriculture

Grant Amount:

USD 750.

Community Benefited:

YWDs In Arda Transau.

Project Description

Natural and human activities in fringe towns around the Lake Bosomtwe are impacting the lake negatively. Thus the need to increase the buffer around the lake. In Pipie one of the fringe towns of the Lake the Youth is partnering with the Pipie community school and GYCAF as financier to plant 1500 trees with grasses intersparsed, as buffer extension around the Lake. This would reduce the rate of degradation, evaporation and erosion deposit into the lake. It is also estimated that upon maturity, these trees will sequester 400 tonnes C/ha/yr which amounts to $1680 annually. This would be used by the community CREMA Youth and community school for maintenance and upscale of the project.

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