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Financing Youth-led Climate Action
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What We Do ?

The GYCAF is the first of it's kind climate fund dedicated to financing youth-led climate action around the world. The idea for the fund was birthed by a coalition of NGOs over a three months consultation period that involved virtual dialogues with finance experts to help curate a vehicle that supports and champions youth-led climate action. The GYCAF is a collaborative partnership between BLI Global and Drop Access. 

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BLI Global

BLI Global (Better Living Initiatives - Global) is an international grassroots non profit organization focused on promoting solutions, improvements and initiatives to sustain better living conditions around the globe. 

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Drop Access

Drop Access is a women led and youth led NGO in Kenya, founded in 2018 by two sisters who wanted to positively transform rural and grassroot communities. It was legally incorporated by the NGO coordination board of Kenya in 2019. 

Advocating for Climate Finance

  • Youth Climate Finance
  • Adaptation and Mitigation Efforts
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Youth Climate Webinars
  • Youth Climate Workshops
  • Lobbying for Youth Climate Finance
  • Youth in Action
  • Intergenerational Equity
  • Community Activism
  • Private Sector Financing for Climate
  • Climate Exchange Programs
  • Sustainable Solutions
  • Carbon Emission Reductions
  • Smart Agriculture
  • Youth Climate Finance Dialogues
  • Green Jobs
  • Green Recovery
  • Green Economy

Mission & Vision

To spearhead and launch the first Global Youth Climate Action Fund to facilitate young people in driving green grassroot jobs and economies in their respective countries.
Specific Goals
  • To bridge the gap the gap between action on the ground and finance
  • To work with already established funding mechanisms to improve flow of funding and support to grassroots activism
  • To build a network of success-driven climate smart projects backed by financial support
10 Year Strategy
GYCAF is working to close the USD 100,000,000 pledge between 2020 and 2030. The goal is to encourage private sector donors to contribute towards fulfilling our pledging quotas and still be able to disburse funds as needed to grantees and investees on a rotational basis. Fundraising efforts involve lobbying at UN Climate events, liaising with private donors, foundations and grants, and approaching investment funds to co-finance term sheets.

At the end of the 10 year cycle, performance of existing vehicles and portfolios will be reviewed and a determination will be made whether to close the fund or restructure the investment activities with more ambitious targets. 

Our Team

Dolphine Magero GYCAF
Dolphine Magero

Program Manager

As the Program Manager, Dolphine is responsible for ensuring that the Program activities are implemented in line with the mission and vision of the Fund. She works in consultation with the Board and GYCAF team members.

Norah Nthale GYCAF
Norah Nthale

Strategic Manager

Norah supports the the GYCAF through strategic planning and engagements. This is critical when it comes to both the programme and partnership coordination for successful realization of the fund's goals.

Luwedde Juliet Grace
Luwedde Juliet Grace

Project Support

Luwedde Juliet Grace is an environment enthusiast and climate activist from Uganda with experience in project design and extensive knowledge working with communities and key stakeholders. As Project Support for GYCAF she works with the Program Manager to deliver programming and build partner support.

maria_auma_horne GYCAF
Maria Horne

Fundraising Manager

Maria is in charge of identifying and securing donations and financial support to ensure the smooth running of the Fund's activities. She also works with the Program Manager to streamline project activities in line with budgetary constraints. 

Gonzalo Carruitero
Gonzalo Carruitero

Communications Coordinator

Gonzalo Carruitero is a Peruvian environmental engineering bachelor student from UTEC (University of Engineering and Technology at Lima) with experience in environmental and social volunteering. He currently handles communication in English, Spanish, French, and to a lesser extent, German and Chinese. He enjoys reading about climate, sustainability, and biodiversity.

Robert_H_Horne GYCAF
Robert Horne

Operations Manager

Robert is responsible for the daily operations of the fund and works with the GYCAF team to streamline program expectations and activities. He is also key to successful program implementation and evaluation for the Board.

Mian Joseph Atta
Mian Joseph Atta

Social Media Coordinator

Mian Joseph is a young Ivorian leader with a Master’s degree in Afro-climatology and Environment at Alassane Ouattara University in Bourne. He is involved in actions to combat climate change. As social media manager at GYCAF, he is ready to use his talents and skills to allow young people to be financially supported in their actions to fight against climate change.